antenna plus basestation on the roof

Antenna on the roof ('dakhaas')

base station with anteanna in the lab

Access point and antennas in the lab

Technology and network-layout

The Waag Wireless Network is based on WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g) equipment. This is the most common standard for wireless network connections at the moment. 802.11b/g based networks have a maximum throughput of 54 Mbit.

Two access points that are placed on different locations in and on the Waag building to provide the wireless connectivity. These base stations are connected via network cables to a router/firewall combination that connects the wireless network to our 1Gbit internet concertino and keeps all traffic separate from the internal network of Waag Society. (see netwerk layout)

test image

We use several access points. One of the base stations has been build into a water proof box. This box is connected to an omni directional antenna and this combination has been mounted on a pole on the roof of the Waag (see picture). This base station - called 'dakhaas' covers the outer edges of the Nieuwmarkt. As the roof of the Waag building consists of zinc, a material that interferes with the radio waves emitted by the antenna the signal of this base station is not available within the building or in the direct surroundings of it.

The second base station is located inside the Southern Lab on the first floor of the Waag building. (see picture). This base station has also been outfitted with an external antenna in order to extend its range (we are using omni-directional 'Senao'. This base station covers the entire building and the direct surroundings.