apple base station

Access point

pcmcia card in a norebook

WiFi PMCIA card in a laptop

Coverage of the network

Het Waag Wireless Network covers almost the entire Nieuwmarkt square. The optimal signal is received on the square itself, in front of the café in the Waag building and on the terrasses at the eastern side of the square. Behind the Waag building in the most southwestern corner of the square is no receival. Furthermore, within the Waag building, including the café, there will be a good the receival nearly everywhere.

Because the range of WiFi-networks depends on a vast amount of factors, it is difficult to precise at which spots it will be possible to connect to the network. In general, on spots near the Waag building or with a direct line of sight with the antenna on the roof, there will be good chance to connect with the network.

Required hardware

To communicate with the Waag Wireless Network a computer needs to be equipped with a IEEE 802.11b/g compatible network interface. In some notebooks and PDAs this interface is already build-in. If the computer is not (yet) fitted with a WiFi-network interface, it can usually be relatively easily extended with one. There is a wide variety of PMCIA (see photo), PCI, SDIO and CF wireless network cards on the market. In addition, there are USB-adapters available, that can provide an IEEE 802.11b compatible network interface for desktop PCs or notebooks that lack the possibility of a standard extension.


Het Waag Wireless Network is visible. This means the network name (SSID) wil automatically appear as soon as a device with an active WiFi interface comes within the reach of the network or when it is activated. The SSID of the Waag Wireless Network is 'WaagSocNet'. To connect with the network you can just select the network. A password or user name is not needed.

The network configuration will be automatically through DHCP. A DHCP-server will provide every user that is connected to the network with an IP adress. The network settings of the computer will need to have the option 'Obtain IP adress via DHCP' (or similar) checked.